Pure indulgence with our body treatments in Saalbach

For inner and outer balance

Outer and inner beauty, perfect balance and well-being through the forces of nature: Our body treatments in Saalbach promise pure well-being. Carefully arranged programmes and packages allow you to face daily challenges with a smile.

Aphrodite - Relaxing full body massage & care ritual

Relaxing full body massage and care for the skin. A beer bath jute fleece sack scrub with malt, almond oil, urea pura, macadamia nut oil and marigold extract for men what skin care, skin image refining, mood lifting, tissue firming, cell activating and relaxing. Women‘s wellness fleece bag scrub with woodruff, lady‘s mantle, chamomile, linden blossom and yarrow for women which has blood pressure lowering, calming, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, warming and antibiotic effects. A relaxing cream massage with cedarwood scent for men and cherry-vanilla scent for women complete the treatment. Nourishes the skin extra intensively and has a moisturizing and smoothing effect.

approx. 55 min.€ 150.00



approx. 55 min.€ 150.00

Hera - Full body massage

Full body massage with Far Eastern scents such as jasmine, lychee, coriander, iris, moss and tank bean combined with precious active ingredients, fatty acids, omega 3 and vitamin E gently caress the skin and make it noticeably supple. A gentle face massage with Glow Shooting Star Ampoule brings radiance and natural glow to women and Timeless Woods Ampoule combats the first loss of elasticity and expression lines and brings a youthful radiance to men.

The body is fully wrapped to allow the products to penetrate the skin while the body and the soul are relaxing. Soft packs have the same positive effect on the skeletal system and muscles.

Varied nature power - choose from following peelings and packs:

Body packs and different follow-up treatments - to relax weighless in a warm waterbed - a feeling like lying at a alpine meadow and dreaming. Choice from the following themes and ingredients:



Salt & Oil sachet time together

Sea salt combined with argan, jojoba, sesame, olive and linseed oil makes the skin supple and smooth.

Salt-Herb peeling cream lemon balm pack

This mixture has a calming, relaxing, harmonizing, strengthening and complexion-refining effect.

Salt-Herb peeling cream orange blossom pack

This mixture has a harmonising, invigorating and complexion-refining effect.

Salt-Herb peeling cream mallow pack

This mixture has a balancing, calming, anti-inflammatory and complexion-refining effect.

Unleash the forces of nature and discover the SONNE body treatments in Saalbach for yourself. We are already looking forward to your non-binding holiday enquiry!

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