Pure indulgence with our body treatments in Saalbach

For inner and outer balance

Outer and inner beauty, perfect balance and well-being through the forces of nature: Our body treatments in Saalbach promise pure well-being. Carefully arranged programmes and packages allow you to face daily challenges with a smile.

Rich plant energy - body peeling

Removes old skin cells, opens pores and increases blood circulation. Experience pureness, freshness and a sensation just like "after a cleansing mountain thunderstorm".

approx. 20 min.€ 32.00

Choose between:

VITALISING - SALT HERBS PEELING: sea salt, organic almond oil, fresh herbs     
RELAXING - PINE PEELING: sea salt, pine oil
BALANCING - ROSE PEELING: sugar, rose oil, organic almond oil    
RELAXING - LAVENDER PEELING: sea salt, organic almond oil, lavender oil
CLARIFYING - ROSEMARY LEMON PEELING: sea salt, organic almond oil, rosemary oil, lemon oil


approx. 20 min.€ 32.00

Soft Pack

Enjoy a highly effective body wrap in a virtually weightless state and let cosy warmth, dimmed lights, nourishing oils, moor, hay and creams soothe your skin.

The body is fully wrapped to allow the products to penetrate the skin while the body and the soul are relaxing. Soft packs have the same positive effect on the skeletal system and muscles.

Varied nature power - choose from following soft packs:

Body packs and different follow-up treatments - to relax weighless in a warm waterbed - a feeling like lying at a alpine meadow and dreaming. Choice from the following themes and ingredients:



Muscle relaxation with Salzburger Moor: stimulates blood circulation and metabolism

Has a very relaxing effect especially on the muscles; the blood circulation is increased and the metabolism stimulated, which leads to an increase in cell activity and strengthens the immune system.

Classic Fango-pack

Ideal after a day of sports in the mountains! Beneficial for your back, muscles and joints. Due to the open pores and the high temperature, 130 different minerals and trace elements penetrate the skin directly and ensure well-being through and through!

Hay bath: recovering and new energy with Alpine hay

Hay – more than dry grass! Whether as a purifying, detoxifying and metabolism-stimulating bath or as a hay pack to loosen local tensions in the neck or back. A treatment with Alpine hay is a unique experience with wonderful fragrance and relaxing warmth in every case.

Wild rose bath: strengthening and toning with wild rose

The skin’s metabolism is stimulated and cell deposits removed while the skin is supplied with blood and revitalised. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture in deep skin layers.

Active & fit with camphor and menthol and light, vital legs with clay

Camphor, menthol and clay help to relax muscles, improve the circulation and cool the skin. This treatment alleviates the symptoms of rheumatism, joint pain, muscle pain, weak immune system and counteracts bacterial infections.

Anti-cellulite special package to stimulate the metabolism

This package is used for purification, detoxification, deacidification and dehydration of the body. The cosmetic effect is visibly smoother skin texture. It helps to reduce fat, tighten the skin and retain moisture.

Horse chestnut pack for tired legs

This package pampers tired and swollen legs and has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, liquefyfing and vessel-building properties.

Unleash the forces of nature and discover the SONNE body treatments in Saalbach for yourself. We are already looking forward to your non-binding holiday enquiry!

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